How to Properly Maintain Your Asphalt Parking Lot

Asphalt Parking

If you have just had a parking lot constructed on your commercial property, one of the most important things you should have asked the contractor is how to properly maintain your asphalt parking lot.


A parking lot made with asphalt materials would usually have a life expectancy of around 15 to 30 years. Just like everything else, you can only maximize the lifespan of the parking lot in your business establishment if you take care of it the right way. A poorly maintained parking lot would only last up to five years.


Here are some ways you can maintain your parking lot properly:


Remove debris from your parking lot regularly – Debris, when left unattended in the parking lot, could lead to bigger problems, especially if they have started to block the drainage. Water can accumulate on the asphalt surface, and water is one of the asphalt’s worst enemies – it can cause asphalt to deteriorate faster.


Watch out for cracks and potholes – Even a minor crack can result in major problems if not attended to soon enough. The minute you notice a crack forming on the lot surface, get in touch with the paving company that you trust and have it taken care of.


Apply seal coating every two years – In spite of not seeing any damage to your asphalt parking lot, it is important to keep it well maintained to prevent any problems that may occur. Sealcoating is a crucial component in taking care of your parking lot as it coats or protects the asphalt surface from liquid penetration.


Be attentive to any minor issues – When you walk or drive on your parking lot, be mindful of any uneven surface. Asphalt should be leveled and flat to prevent any water being collected on the uneven area. Have the parking lot repaved when you notice an uneven surface?