Importance of Parking Lot Drainage

Parking Lot Drainage

Extreme heat, snow, salt, gasoline, oil, and water – these are just some of the things that could cause major damages to an asphalt parking lot.

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Sealcoating will help significantly in protecting the parking lot from most of these elements. However, since seal coating recedes over time, it’s not forever guaranteed that your parking lot will be safe from damages.


Of all the factors that can cause harm to asphalt parking lots, water can be regarded as the most frequent root of major problems – not just with asphalt parking lots, but with driveways and roads as well.


If water stays on an asphalt surface for too long, it will seep into it and would reach the soil beneath. Once water reaches the soil, it could have an impact on the foundation of the asphalt surface itself. This is how sinkholes, potholes, and cracks usually begin. In minor cases, these damages look unsightly; in worst scenarios, these can lead to car accidents.


In parking lots, water damage could be prevented or minimized through the help of a well-built drainage system. A drainage system can ensure that water will be safe, effective, and quickly removed from the area and would be directed to the sewage system.


Drainage is quite important in an asphalt parking lot as it could extend the life of asphalt itself and could even help in preventing accidents.


Reputable asphalt paving companies should be able to provide effective parking lot drainage solutions aside from simply constructing pavings. Most asphalt paving companies place a great importance on the drainage system and treat it as a priority from the initial planning of your parking lot.


Most paving companies use curbings, slopes, and drains to successfully drain water from the parking lot. Curbs are used to direct water to go to a specific area. Slopes work in the same way as curbs, directing water flow down to a designated spot. Finally, this directed water goes to the drain. The drains were purposefully placed by the paving contractors in designated areas.